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Aquarium scraper for stubborn algae

For those difficult to remove algae in the aquarium coffe table

Step 1: what you will need

1. 3/8 inch wooden dowels (cut to the appropriate length for your aquarium).

2. Single-edge razor blade.

3. small machine screw.

4. Super glue.

Step 2: saw 45 ° notch

Make notch just wide enough for the razor blade holder edge to fit snugly.

Step 3: saw or sand end parallel to the notch

Step 4: for machine screw, drill core hole

Drill through to slot.

Step 5: insert the blade and tighten with screw

Tape cutting edge when inserting and tightening.

Step 6: add super glue to bottom of blade dowel interface.

Step 7: watch algae go away

Rinse and dry after use, especially if in a saltwater aquarium.

Blade life can be increased by spraying with varnish.

Blade can easily be replaced and re-glued.

Remember not to use acrylic.
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